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Specialists in Military Vehicle Extrication Training

On-line training now available using Webex or Zoom

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A UK based site for the sharing and development of RTC  (Road Traffic Collision) and Heavy Rescue Lifting & Extrication Training, techniques and related topics, dedicated to the exchange of operational knowledge and skills from the UK and Worldwide rescue organisations. Covering a wide area of subjects such as Road Traffic Collision Extrication Rescue, Heavy Extrication and Rescue Lifting, SRS and new Vehicle Technology. If you have or would like to, please forward any information you would like to share or ideas you would like me to develop and post to

An innovative solution for Electric Vehicle Fires. An easy to use portable system that can be set up anywhere at a very low cost. The unit creates a mini dam surrounding the EV that can be left in situ or removed and used again post incident. Transported in a van or on a small trailer, mobile, minimal resources to set up. It can be set up around the vehicle and filled with water in a short period of time. The unit can also be set up and left with the vehicle once moved to a safe location or as a control measure from re-ignition in a car holding yard/scrap yard etc.

Contact Fluvial Innovations for more information - FLUVIAL INNOVATIONS


Vehicle on its wheels stabilised with blocks

In the same time it takes to pop a balloon with a needle, your day can go from mundane to life changing. That’s how quickly a car crash can happen– in 67 milliseconds or less, about the length of time for a balloon pop. How your vehicle is designed to perform in a crash is crucial for your protection in split seconds.

The fact is, some cars fare better than others in a collision. Automakers are continually working to improve their vehicles’ crash performance because they want to deliver safe vehicles to you.  Over the past several years, the global steel industry has undertaken several projects whose purpose was to demonstrate the use of the newest generation of advanced high-strength steels to reduce vehicle mass, a key factor for fuel efficiency, and to improve crash and structural performances, at affordable costs for high volume production.  These projects, the UltraLight Steel Auto Body (ULSAB), the UltraLight Steel Auto Closures (ULSAC), Ultralight Steel Auto Suspensions (ULSAS), the UltraLight Steel Auto Body – Advanced Vehicle Concepts (ULSAB-AVC) and FutureSteelVehicle have all helped considerably in adding to the steel industry’s automotive customers’ effective use of steel in building safe vehicles. These concepts, designed by Porsche Engineering Services, Inc. (PES) and Lotus Engineering (ULSAS) took a quantum leap in steel design to produce safe vehicles that can be built affordably, and are more fuel efficient.

How does the Emergency Plug work?

The Emergency Plug is simply plugged into the charging socket of the car and simulates a charging process. At this moment, all electric cars switch the driving gear to "P" and apply the electric parking brake. The car is immediately stopped and the rescue forces can work safely! The Emergency
Plug shows the status via LEDs, so you can see immediately whether the vehicle has been deactivated.

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Rescue Sim link

NEW Downloads Added

Rescue Sim Update

Rescue-sim are very excited to release a new interactive rescue scenario aimed at rescue teams around the globe. Following user feedback and extensive beta testing we have updated the tool selections, added a modern user-friendly interface with additional features. This new scenario has 20 tasks for you to work through and discuss as a team, encouraging development and analysis of thought processes.

Rescue Sim overview

Scenarios will be added progressively on a regular basis. To access this scenario, you will need to register for an account by visiting


Based in the UK

Image by Stephen Phillips - Hostreviews.

All the content on this website has been written and developed privately and has no connection to my employer. Anyone who decides to use or copy any of this material or use or copy the practises in a rescue or training environment does so at their own risk and takes no responsibility at all for actions taken or copied from this entire website. Users do so at their own risk.

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